Solution Driven Tech Team

We build solution to tackle everyday business challenges with pre-made or custom solutions. We serve cross-industry clients, i.e.: Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Mining, Resources, Energy, etc.

Indonesia 2018 Asian Para Games

The first ever Para-sports event with registration, logistical and participants is digitally managed from single window.


Digital campaign & leads management, sales process & analytics


Multi-tenant, multi-site Digital HSE made for scale.

Berau Coal

Identification, Licensing, Health, Safety, and Environment suite.

Panin Bank

Manage campaigns, promotions, account opening, and track sales achievements.

Borneo Indobara

B2B Marketing Collaboration App & Digital HSE Application.


Inbound Marketing platform for healthcare products.

Asian Bulk Logistics

Profitability Dashboard for vessel operation.

Indosat Ooredoo

Research & Consulting in implementation of Continuous Audit / Monitoring

WUDC 2015

First World Univ. Debating Championship to utilize a feedback system.

PPTMGB Lemigas

Knowledge management system for research data

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since 2014

BIT started off as a garage operation around 2014. From a group of freelancers nailing projects together, we have evolved into a team of 78, ready to disrupt the supply chain process, health & safety executives and digital financial services. We deliver excellence for clients of various sectors i.e.: Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, MREs (Mining, Resources, Energy), and FSI (Financial Services Industries).

Our core is IT development specialised in Software Development, System Integration and Automation. We have solid experienced handling ISO/IEC 27k1 compliant institutions in Agile development framework.

We have helped clients saving millions of dollars by creating a more time-efficient concept on process management that rarely concerned by most Enterprise Software.

Agile Software Development

Our result-driven engineering team combined with our business expertise to support your business strategic growth

Technical Expertise

Packed with up-to-date technologies, our team is able to tackle state-of-the-art business challenges. We use data streaming technologies (Kafka, Flink), hybrid framework (Angular, ReactNative) and vessel  tracking technologies (AIS, VSAT, or GPS).

Off-the-shelf Solutions

To tackle your agile business goals, other than general technical consulting services, we offers ready-made solutions.


Vessels, shipments, schedules in one window

DLVR Supply Chain Execution is an end-to-end downstream Supply Chain suite, ranging from Client Data Repository, Contract Planner, Shipping Management to Barge Monitoring.

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Track, engage, retain customers in digital platform

Cakram is a portable omnichannel platform made specificly to understand your customer lifecycle. Manage inbound leads, customer relations, and churn analytics. Suitable for retail businesses, B2B, Financial Services, and Banking.

Mono Black

Digital Health, Safety, and Environment Suite for agile implementations

Sentinel is a Digital platform to manage Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Culture in Contractor Services, Site/Building management, Events, Manufacturing, Mining, and Energies. Sentinel is made to assist agile HSE implementation; driving team culture without extra cognitive burden and repetitive works.

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Hire home-grown talents. Coached by industry players for scale!

UPSCALE is a tech career preparatory institution. We are passionate about the balance of technical skills and career development skills for each individual’s growth potential. We are an experienced team in Technological Sector, Education, and Youth Development.


Looking for your purpose?

We believe that success determined mainly by working culture. We put people growth, positive attitude, and craftsmanship on top of superficial result. BIT provides equal opportunity, engaging, and open environment. Everyone may share ideas freely and relatively small power distance.

If you believe in culture-first work environment, BIT might be just for you!

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