A Hope that sparked the team

Several freelancers met for regular discussions of their projects back in 2014, and one of them suggested something that more stable. That day was BIT’s birthday.

"dokodemo" office pre-2016
2016, we finally rented a dorm

History of BIT

Small projects carried out by several freelancers in 2014 were the seeds of the current BIT. These freelancers now have a team of 78 people, and the one room they used to share is now a building and continues to grow to accommodate their creativity.

From client to client, sour to sweet life’s journeys and projects have been BIT digested and processed into masterpieces poised to shake up supply chain processes, health and security executives, and digital financial service providers. We always strive for the satisfaction of BIT clients from various fields such as Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, MRE (Mining, Natural Resources, and Energy), and FSI (Financial Services Industry).

BIT specializes in Information Technology with software development, system integration, and automation. We also have solid experience dealing with ISO/IEC 2k71 compliant institutions within a precise and transparent framework.

B1 Office is full of cats and kittens
Our 2017 B1 "Main Hall" Office

Inclusive Environment - All Inquiries Accepted

From Toyota to Google, Tokopedia to Unilever, HBR articles, scientific journals, to management books show that every successful leader can build a work culture where learning is part of the company’s and clients’ profits.

BIT is a company that does not have a big difference between each position level, and we also open the possibility for each individual to contribute deeper down to the strategic level. We believe that everyone can learn from others regardless of their position.

Curiosity - Open to Any Opinion

Each employee from each level is free to ask questions about corporate strategy, allocation of water dispensers in meeting rooms, to what has been learned from the seminars visited.

BIT believes that free-thinking people are needed to pursue excellence because their thinking is part of the contribution. BIT supports everyone regardless of job title, level of work, and field to learn, read, share, and give opinions on how BIT can grow even better.

Our 2019 Soho Office
Soho Office also accepts interspecies guest
BIT cooperated with Prudential Indonesia to build their PRULeads module within PRUForce
Indosat Continuous Monitoring & Audit Training collaboration w/ Binus University & Dattabot
Our site visit to Berau Coal to understand their coal plant supply chain operating model


Provide technology solutions and services for relevant, effective, and efficient benefits in various business fields.


Increase company value through tangible results from agile methodologies, use of the latest technology, and business expertise to support the company’s strategic, organizational and social impact.