We believe that success has to be sustainable. And sustainable result should not be represented by superficial rewards. Success is the result of positive attitude and strong purpose. and the only to create purpose is through vision and value. BIT is a team who aims to create impact.


BIT core value is all about being a better individual over getting a superficial reward. We believe that a good result does not only depends on the numbers, rather the process, the thoughts, craftsmanship, and every single effort given by individuals. BIT is a team with the mentality to grow, seek perfection, and has a good deed.
Our North Star. Our Tailwind. Our Raison d’Etre

EX3 Culture

Be curious. Addressing challenge always starts with getting objective & unbiased data, exploring other perspectives as well as root causes, then explore best practices before seeking solution. BIT always put integrity, logical reasoning, and sound management decision above results or reward.

As a solution-driven team, BIT values tangible result as  a part of our working culture. Our code of conduct are Focus and Effectiveness of our effort.

As a fellow engineer, BIT is a growth-oriented team. We are a team of curious, never-settle, and process-oriented individuals. We keep improving our process and making sure that every effort we have are scalable. Our code are craftsmanship, best practices, and replicability

B. I. T. Value

Always begin your day with 1 question in mind “What do I aim?” and “What action will I do to make me closer to that aim?”; take a step back in every intersection ” Will a Bright people do this?”. Be always aware and seek for the next right thing.

Be a part of an efficient team who works better together. Be inspired by world-class sporting team who, tactically, always ready to support their teammates by instinct. Our core DNA is a supportive, non-destructive, non-toxic value-driven team.

Working intelligently and vigorously at a given task to complete it with maximum efficiency. Solve problems, tackle challenges, challenge the uncertainties. Believe in the process, good deed, and adaptability.

Current Job Opening

Software Engineer

2-years experience Frontend, Backend or Full-stack
Greater Jakarta area preferred

Scrum Practitioners

Full-time 2-years experience as Scrum Master or Product/Delivery Owner Greater Jakarta area preferred

Technical Lead

3+ years experience
Greater Jakarta area preferred