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Industry and Portfolio

BIT provides tech solutions developed according to clients’ needs from various national and international industries. Our technology integration will also help your collaborative projects to run more effectively, just like our clients’ excellent projects below:

Indonesia 2018 Asian Para Games

The first-ever parasports event with digitally managed registration, logistical, and participants from a single window.


The first ever Para-sports event with registration, logistical and participants is digitally managed from single window.


Digital Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) management for a broad range of tenants and locations.

Berau Coal

With digital convenience, identification, licensing, health, security, and environmental processes now done with ease.

Panin Bank

Track and manage campaigns, promotions, account openings, and sales milestones.

Borneo Indobara

B2B marketing collaboration application and digital HSE application


Relevant and practical approach for health products

Asian Bulk Logistics

Ship operation profitability KPI information system

Indosat Ooredoo

Ongoing research and consultation in the supervision omplementation

WUDC 2015

The first World Universities Debating Championship to use a feedback system.

PPTMGB Lemigas

Knowledge management system for data research

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since 2014

BIT’s journey started as a small team in 2014. The team has now embraced more than 78 talented individuals ready to provide various digital solutions for multiple industries.

We serve IT Development, System Integration, Automation and are fully experienced in dealing with institutions that comply with ISO/IEC 27k1 in developing frameworks.

We have helped clients streamline their resources with practical management concepts that other Software Developers often overlook.

Barito Benefits

Our dedication is part of BIT’s core values, and you can find our proven dedications in the form of:

Agile Software Development

We combine our team expertise in engineering and business to support the strategic growth of your business.

Technical Expertise

Our team is capable of the latest business challenges with data streaming technologies (Kafka, Flink), hybrid frameworks (Angular, ReactNative), and vessel tracking technologies (AIS, VSAT, or GPS).

Off-the-Self Solution

To reach the destination precisely and quickly, we also provide ready-made solutions apart from technical services and general consulting.

Our Product

Our technology solutions focus on various sectors that you can divide into five broad scopes: CRM (Customer Relation Management), HSE, Supply Chain, Civil Engineering, and Bootcamp Coding.

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Track, Engage, Retain, Digitize!

Mono Black

Practical Environmental Health and Safety Implementation


Ships, Shipments, and Schedules in One Window


Calculation, Specification, Collaboration and Execution

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Start Your Technology Career with an Industrial Curriculum



Looking for Your Purpose?

We believe that work culture determines one’s success, and BIT believes in individual development, positive attitude, and expertise versus superficial results. We also provide equal opportunities in a fun, open, and friendly environment where everyone is free to voice their thoughts.

If you want a work environment with a healthy culture, BIT is for you!

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