DLVR Supply Chain Enabler

DLVR Supply Chain Execution is an application that summarizes various parts in the supply chain within one reach.

How Can DLVR Help You?

With a single application, you can streamline complex supply processes with collaborative management that spans data storage, contracts, shipping management, to barge monitoring.

DLVR Benefits

DLVR efisiensi serta efektifitas perenncanaan

Efficiency and effective planning

DLVR pemantauan kelengkapan dokumen dengan praktis

Practical document monitoring

DLVR transparasi mendetail tiap proses

Detailed transparency of each process


DLVR laman antarmuka mudah digunakan

Easy-to-use interface page

DLVR tetap bisa diakses meski dalam low bandwith

Accessible even in low bandwidth

DLVR penyimpanan berbasis cloud

Cloud-based storage

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