Sentinel HSE

Sentinel HSE is an HSE automation, it is application to assist agile, clear, and practical Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) implementations in contracting, building management, events, manufacturing, mining, and energy.

How Sentinels Improve Your Work Environment?

Sentinel manages, monitors, and analyzes the results of HSE and employee data integration in one application that is easily accessible.

Sentinel Benefits

SENTINEL satu aplikasi untuk berbagai data dan analisis

One app for multiple data and analysis

SENTINEL menggunakan push notification

Push Notifications

SENTINEL efesiensi dan efektivitas waktu

Time efficiency and effectiveness


SENTINEL operasional meski dalam low bandwidth

Operational even in low bandwidth

SENTINEL sistem berbasis cloud

Cloud-based system

SENTINEL manajemen aktivitas keamanan end to end

End-to-end security activity management

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