Upscale Techforces

As a coding school, UPSCALE is a career preparation institution in technology. UPSCALE exists to help build a balance of technical skills and non-technical skills to develop each individual’s career potential. Our teaching team is experienced in the Technology, Education, and Youth Development sectors.

How Does UPSCALE Help Your Career?

UPSCALE accelerate your career by providing coding skills training, especially Full Stack Developers, who are starting to enter the market demand, especially in this digitalization era with Bootcamp and Junior Camp programs.

Upscale Benefits

UPSCALE biaya terjangkau dengan ragam pilihan pembayaran

Affordable fees with various payment options

UPSCALE fasilitas penyaluran kerja_1

Job distribution facilities

UPSCALE tersedia garansi refund recoaching

There is a refund/recoaching guarantee

UPSCALE belajar langsung dari praktisi industri

Learn directly from industry practitioners

Bootcamp Specifications

UPSCALE 4 bulan pembelajaran

4 Months of Learning

UPSCALE fasilitas penyaluran kerja_1

Job distribution facilities

UPSCALE belajar bahasa pemograman HTML, javascript, react and node js

Learn HTML, JavaScript, React, and Node Js programming languages

Junior Camp Specifications

UPSCALE 1 bulan pembelajaran

1 Month of Learning

UPSCALE pelatihan pembuatan web apss sederhana

Training on making simple web apps

UPSCALE kurikulum pemula-menengah

Beginner-intermediate curriculum

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