A team made of hope

Circa 2014; a few freelancers met up for their regular project discussions. One of them says: “I think we should get serious”. And there’s BIT.

"dokodemo" office pre-2016
2016, we finally rented a dorm

Craftsmanship, Design Thinking, Problem solving

BIT started off as a garage operation around 2014. From a group of freelancers nailing projects together, we have evolved into a team of 78, ready to disrupt the supply chain process, health & safety executives and digital financial services. We deliver excellence for clients of various sectors i.e.: Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, MREs (Mining, Resources, Energy), and FSI (Financial Services Industries).

Our core is IT development specialised in Software Development, System Integration and Automation. We have solid experienced handling ISO/IEC 27k1 compliant institutions in Agile development framework. We have helped clients saving millions of dollars by creating a more time-efficient concept on process management that rarely concerned by most Enterprise Software. 

We know we are far away from zero, however, we maintains culture of small-efficient-inclusive culture to create a supportive environment for every single unique talents, to deliver solutions, as well as aiming high!

B1 Office is full of cats and kittens
Our 2017 B1 "Main Hall" Office

Inclusive Environment

No Questions are Stupid – From Toyota to Google, Tokopedia to Unilever, HBR articles, scientific journals, management books, we learn their publications, we search their meaning down to semantic level. We found that what these market leader possess is the ability to build such culture, where learning takes as a part of the corporate strategic advantage. Not to only enrich their corporate operation, but also those who work for them.

BIT is no difference. BIT is a company with small power distance, and we love to keep it that way. the CEO even likes it when a new junior recruit wants to consult about career development. BIT opens the possibility for every single individual in the company to contribute deeper, even at strategic level, and we believe, everyone can learn from anyone else, regardless of their position.

Curiousity does **not** kill the cat – and what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. In BIT, we are open to anything that everyone bring to the table. You can casually chat about BIT corporate strategy, why do we put water cooler inside our meeting room, and even tell us what you just learn after you join a seminar at some tech conference.

We believe, pursuit of excellence, always start with some people who challenged the status quo, we believe this is also part of contribution. BIT endorses everyone, regardless of position, job level and departments to learn, read, share and tell us how can we become a better organization.

Our 2019 Soho Office
Soho Office also accepts interspecies guest
BIT cooperated with Prudential Indonesia to build their PRULeads module within PRUForce
Indosat Continuous Monitoring & Audit Training collaboration w/ Binus University & Dattabot
Our site visit to Berau Coal to understand their coal plant supply chain operating model

Vision statement

A Cross-industry group aiming to deliver technology solutions and services to create value with relevance, efficacy, and efficiency.

Mission statement

Deliver tangible result to accelerate value creation with agile methodology, use of state-of-the-art technologies, and business expertise to support strategic, organizational, and social impact.